Games (5 projects)

Drash Roguelike

turn-based stable roguelike pixel-art java ultima

Survive in the arena gaining new skills on each level. Plan your character development wisely, or die.

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open-field stable javascript android

Gather some friends in an open field and explore the dungeons as you engage in soft-combat.

Android Version

My Brazil 2014 Collection

social stable collect-them-all javascript java

Complete your virtual sticker collection in this mobile-friendly website.

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turn-based stable oryx roguelike pixel-art javascript

Slash your way to the bottom of the Dungeons of Doom, learn new skills and use tactics to survive.

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social stable slashwareFortress creative javascript php facebook

Create flower arrangements and share with your friends.

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Smaller Games (11 projects)

Comet Defense

arcade stable slashwareFortress base-defense javascript facebook

Defend earth from comets.

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Dungeons and Dragons X

turn-based stable javascript ultima

A remake for the grandfather of all cRPGs.

Explore the dungeons, kill all monsters and get rich

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El Rescate de Ublime

arcade stable slashwareFortress side-scroller flash

Explore the grooves of Dolores deep in the Colombian jungle, seeking to free Ublime.

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turn-based stable roguelike ascii java

All that a classic roguelike is, in 1KB of source code.

Survive in the ruins of the Dungeons of Doom and become a god.

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My XMAS Tree

social stable slashwareFortress bombilloAmarillo creative javascript php facebook

Create and decorate your xmas tree, and share it with your friends.

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New Year Tour

social stable slashwareFortress passive javascript php

Know when it's new year around the world.

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Pizzas Slash

arcade stable slashwareFortress concentration flash

Run a successful pizza business.

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arcade stable bombilloAmarillo slashwareFortress concentration java android

Repeat the color sequences to lift as much weight as you can in your Android device.

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Random Movie Generator

social stable slashwareFortress passive javascript php

Get inspiration for your next Hollywood production.

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Roguelike in a tweet

turn-based stable roguelike text javascript

A full dungeon exploration game with a 140 bytes source code

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social stable creative text javascript nodejs irc

Create stories with your friends.

Source Code

Procedural Generators (2 projects)


procedural-generation stable javascript ultima

Creates levels similar to Ultima Underworld.

Source Code Online Demo

Ultima Castle Generator

procedural-generation stable javascript ultima

Generates castle layouts similar to these of Ultima V.

Source Code Online Demo

eLearning / advergames (2 projects)

Slashware Quest

interactive-fiction advergame stable slashwareFortress bombilloAmarillo flash

Learn about the services and products provided by Slashware Interactive over 2012-2013 (Spanish)

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Trial of the SlashwareKnights

interactive-fiction educational stable slashwareFortress bombilloAmarillo flash

Learn how to be a good SlashwareKnight (Spanish).

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Libraries (2 projects)


display stable javascript

With JSTTY you can simulate keyboard input as well as output in a teletype machine via a very simple API.

Source Code


serialization stable javascript

CircularJS is a library that serializes complex javascript objects with cyclic references, something that JSON.stringify can't do.

Source Code

Other Stuff (2 projects)

Pixel Westeros

maps javascript

Navigate Westeros in this Google Maps powered retro map.

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Pixel World Watch

stable java android-wear

An AndroidWear watchface showing the sun and the moon crossing the sky in a fantasy land.

Get it for Android Wear


Games (15 projects)

Ancient Shadows

interactive-fiction beta slashwareFortress bombilloAmarillo point-and-click javascript

Explore the mysterious mansion in this magical adventure.

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arcade beta denzi slashwareFortress space-shooter pixel-art flash facebook

Fight against the hordes of aliens invading the human empire, share your accomplishments with your friends.

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ArcherFire QB

arcade beta space-shooter qbasic 2002

Fight against the of aliens invading the human empire. (Source code is lost)

Gameplay Video Download for DOS

Castlevania Roguelike

turn-based beta oryx roguelike pixel-art java

Challenge the castle of count Dracula facing all kind of monsters and perils. Features six different classes with different skills and tactics.

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Cat's Quest

interactive-fiction stable slashwareFortress point-and-click javascript

You are a Cat who fell asleep a bit too much. You wake up to find yourself alone in the house. Where's everybody?

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turn-based beta denzi oryx pixel-art java

Travel back to the XVth Century and set sail for the New World to found settlements in the name of the crown and battle savage natives.

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turn-based beta roguelike ascii java

A sidescrolling turn based game based on the Megaman series.

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MetroidRL: Rogue

turn-based beta roguelike ascii java

Explore a randomly generated military base gaining new powers and suits.

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NeoArcherFire QB

arcade beta space-shooter qbasic 2003

Fight against the of aliens invading the human empire.

Gameplay Video Download for DOS Source Code (QuickBasic)


async-interaction early-dev denzi card-battle pixel-art java

Browser based card battles tournament.

Fight your friends in the arena and buy cool gear.

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Rise of Kramora

turn-based stable gioram roguelike java android android-wear

Climb to the top of the Tower of Kramora using your smartwatch or smartphone. Take adventure with you everywhere!.

Android Version

Stygian Abyss

real-time stable jucarave 3d javascript ultima

Find the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom in this fan made underworld inspired remake for the final dungeon of Ultima IV.

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Virtual Olympics

arcade beta bombilloAmarillo slashwareFortress sports flash facebook

Compete with your friends to be the best virtual athlete.

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Vuelta a Colombia (Colombian Tour)

boardGame educational beta slashwareFortress bombilloAmarillo flash

Test your knowledge about Colombia in this fun educational game.

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Zelda Roguelike

turn-based beta roguelike ascii java

Explore a randomly generated overworld and dungeons. Save Hyrule.

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Smaller Games (3 projects)


arcade stable slashwareFortress juggling javascript facebook

Get diamonds, avoid stones, get rich.

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Robot Smasher

arcade beta slashwareFortress base-defense flash

Destroy the robots or die.

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Spinner Defense

arcade stable denzi slashwareFortress base-defense pixel-art flash gearhead

Defend the space colony from robots (Based on the GearHead Universe).

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eLearning / advergames (1 projects)

Quadrigan Training

interactive-fiction educational stable slashwareFortress flash

Learn how to use (Spanish)

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Libraries (2 projects)


game-engine beta java roguelike

A roguelike engine to handle map display, actor queueing, and generic action handling. Powers Expedition, Hope and some other roguelikes.

Source Code


display stable java

Console output in Java via either JCurses or Swing.

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Games (4 projects)

Elite International Detective

turn-based alpha roguelike ascii java

Travel around the world following the tracks of criminals.

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turn-based alpha slashwareFortress roguelike pixel-art java

Survive in a deserted wasteland while looking for answers in your dreams.

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turn-based alpha roguelike ascii java

Play the ruler of one of seven tribes which destiny is to become civilizations, your goal is to make your people extend all along the land, and discover the marvels of science and technology.

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turn-based alpha slashwareFortress tactics pixel-art java javascript

Assemble a squad of fighter spaceships and travel the universe looking for the SpriteGears.

Play Online (HTML5) version Download Java Package Source Code


Games (1 projects)


turn-based prototype slashwareFortress roguelikeFiction flash

A strange shape haunts your dreams and sets you on a journey of discovery.

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Games (5 projects)

Britannia Underworld

real-time early-dev jucarave cRPG 3d javascript ultima

An effort to recreate the adventures of the Avatar in the eight dungeons of Britannia, in first person view.

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Energy Radar

augmented-reality oryx pixel-art javascript

Find creatures around you, capture and train them.

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Kingdom of Elias

strategy early-dev javascript

A simple multiplayer strategy game

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turn-based early-dev oryx jucarave roguelike pixel-art javascript

A fun simple classic exploration RPG with procedural elements.

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turn-based early-dev cRPG pixel-art java ultima

A demake of Ultima VIII in a classic U4/5 like engine; an effort to turn it into a real Ultima experience.

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Other Stuff (3 projects)

Knights Watch

early-dev java android-wear

An AndroidWear watchface showing twelve ancient knights on a round table.

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Kyouryuu Teikoku

romhacking translations early-dev dungi-dragon java ultima

I’m teaming up with Dungy Dragon (and his wife) to translate this SNES ROM into Engrish.

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Ultima 7 Turn Based Combat

early-dev ultima c++

I’m contributing to Exult, trying to add turn based combat to Ultima 7.

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Games (2 projects)

GearHead World

async-interaction concept denzi card-battle pixel-art gearhead

Browser based mecha combat on the GearHead universe.

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async-interaction concept gearhead

A game about living in the world of GearHead


Lost in time

Other Stuff (1 projects)

Final Fantasy Z GB

romhacking lost 2001

A simple GB GFX ROMHack I made back on highschool. (Lost in time).

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A mysterious pixel artist from Japan, Denzi has been with my projects since about 2008. He's one of the main artists behind the Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup tileset, and is just awesome. He shows a great passion for his work, and more than once has understood my dreams and helped me try turn them into a reality.


A former SlashwareKnight who survived the destruction of the Slashware Fortress; he continues creating games in his spare time, building his HTML5 and 3D engines knowledge.


I know Oryx since back before he created the world famous Oryx tileset used in titles such as Realm of the Mad God. We have kept in touch on and off along all these years, always considering doing cool projects together..

Bombillo Amarillo

An illustration studio from Medellin, with which I've worked 2011 to 2013.

Ashton Morris

A hardcore chiptune musician. He created the soundtrack for ArcherFire and Ananias.


A pixel artist from Colombia. She did the art for CatCafe.