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How to play

Your goal is to become a Pokemon master by defeating the gym leaders of the 8 cities in your region.

Look for the Professor's lab in your home town to pick your starter pokemon (using ,). Then find the exit to route 1 from your hometown.

When you find wild pokemon, use "r" to release your selected pokemon in a given direction. He will automatically fight nearby enemies with his default skill

If you want to use a different skill, press the key as indicated on the right bar

To call back your pokemon, use "P"

To use pokeballs or potions, go to the "I"nventory and select a direction

Keyboard Commands

Arrow keysMove around.
IShow Inventory.
,Pick up items and pokeballs.
1 to 6Select pokemon slot.
RRelease selected pokemon.
PPull back selected pokemon.
Z,X,C,VUse pokemon skills.

This is the 7DRL++ edition, which contains only critical bugfixes over the original version. The original 7DRL Challenge submission can be found here